Project Management through Slack
Turn your Slack Conversations into project tickets.
Work from Slack

Our custom slash command lets you use the power of Sprintly right from within Slack.

Create new tickets or update, delete and search existing ones.

Just type /partyline to get started.

Created in Slack
Appears in Sprintly
Search From Slack

Take advantage of the new Sprintly search API right from within Slack.

Our search syntax is similar to Gmail and GitHub so it’s instantly familiar.

Get visibility into what the team is working on.

Never Lose Context

Context is valuable, and we use Slack to capture it by default.

Everytime you create a new ticket with Partyline, we automatically add a link to when it was created in your Slack channel’s history.

Never miss a detail.

Message History

See exactly what was being discussed at the time when your tickets were created.

Asset Links

Easily find all the asset links shared when tickets were created.

Never lose reference to assets, spreadsheets, code etc.

Powerful Commands

Anything you can do in Sprintly, you can do in Slack!

And if you ever need help, just type /partyline help